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With our calm, relaxed atmosphere you can enjoy your tattoo or piercing experience in our friendly music filled environment, and have the knowledge that you will be receiving a high class piece of custom work at the most sterile business in Greensboro. These are pieces you'll be happy to show off the rest of your life.



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Forsaken Art        Tattoos

 The Name "Forsaken Art" Is more than just a clever name, It's a throwback to the art form centuries old that once stood for the scoundrels, the slaves, and the out casts of societies worldwide. Only In this century has this time tested permanent art work finally blossomed into the world as the art form it was born to become.

We do NOT Tattoo anybody under the legal age of 18, even with parental permission; Must have a legal form of I.D. upon request.

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Piercings above the waist only $20, Including the jewelry!